GATSBY Moving Rubber Wild Edge

GATSBY Moving Rubber Wild Edge

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  • 3D bundling: Create movement just as you want x Restyle again and again
  • Bundle Fix Formula: Coats down to hair ends
  • Powerfully styles in bundles: Contains Moving Rubber, styling memory
  • Bouncy finish: Create movement even when styling is lost.

● Use your fingertips to gently dig out a moderate amount, and apply it to the entire hair evenly.
● Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.
Styling tips
1. After applying a proper amount of wax to both hands, rub the hair from the inside to create a slightly curly curve and fluffy feel.
2. Use one hand to sort out the messy parts, and twist the ends of the hair to make hair strands.

1. If you have any allergies after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
2. Please put it in a cool place to avoid deterioration.
3. Except for the defect of the product itself, it can be returned and exchanged.
4. Once the product is opened or damaged, it cannot be returned or exchanged. The packaging and the product, gifts, etc. must be kept for the return.

Product name: 【GATSBY】MOVING RUBBER Wild Shake 80g
Product Origin: Japan
Shelf life: 3 years