GATSBY Moving Rubber Extreme Mat

GATSBY Moving Rubber Extreme Mat

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Improved formula - Less sticky, easier to arrange and light finish Contains hair care and moisturizing ingredients Light scented fragrance.

1. Gently dig out a moderate amount with fingertips, and apply it to all hair completely and evenly.
2. Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.

Styling tips
1. Take an appropriate amount of wax on the palm of your hand and wipe it evenly, insert your fingers into your hair, and slide your hands left and right along the shape of your head with your fingers interlocking to make the hair roots stand up.
2. After the hair roots stand up, according to the styling needs, twist the hair to create a sense of bundles.

Product Name: 【GATSBY】MOVING RUBBER Extreme Mat (80g)
Product specifications: 1 in
Product Origin: Japan
Shelf life: 3 years