GATSBY Dressing Pomade Upper Hold

GATSBY Dressing Pomade Upper Hold

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Ultimate holding power to create pompadour style with volume effect Easy to restyle.

  • Water based formula makes washing off easy.
  • Refreshing citrus scent.
  • Formulated with hydrating properties and botanical essence to prevent dryness of hair and split ends.


1. Take an appropriate amount on the palm and spread it evenly, even the finger joints should be covered with oil.
2. Boldly pull all the hair back, and apply the oil evenly to each hair
3. After dividing the line with a fine-tooth comb, gently comb the hair to the side
4. Comb the bangs from the front to the back, after exposing the entire forehead, then repeat the combing to a satisfactory angle according to personal preference

1. This product is sticky and will produce filaments. Please be careful when opening the lid to avoid staining the clothes.
2. Be sure to lock the cap tightly after use.
3. If your skin has abnormal symptoms such as wounds and eczema, please do not use it. If there are abnormalities such as irritation, white spots, blackheads, etc., please stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.
4. Do not place it in high temperature or direct sunlight, please place it out of reach of children.
5. In addition to the defect of the product itself, it can be returned and exchanged.
6. Once the product is opened or damaged, it cannot be returned or exchanged. The packaging and the product, gifts, etc., must be kept for the return.

Product name:【GATSBY】Dressing Pomade Upper Hold
Product specifications: 80grams
Product Origin: China
Shelf life: 3 years